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Admissions to the University of Eastern Finland: Training at UEF

Training at UEF
Erasmus Training and Free mover training
Erasmus training or Freemover training is suitable for non-degree exchange students who intend to do training (e.g. clinical placement, research work) in one of the departments of the University of Eastern Finland. The duration of Erasmus Training or Freemover Training is either one or two semesters (or in some cases a shorter period), but always a minimum of three months. Please note that there is a limited amount of training options at the University of Eastern Finland, and departments are not obligated to organize training for the applicants. Students have to negotiate the training directly with the department they are interested in, there is no centralized advisory service for those seeking for training or internship. Please also note that Erasmus trainees are not allowed to do regular courses at the University of Eastern Finland.   
Recommended application deadlines
30 April for Autumn Semester (September - December) or full academic year (September - May)
30 September for Spring Semester (January - May)
The application process begins when the University of Eastern Finland receives nomination e-mails from partner universities. In other words, study abroad coordinators send an e-mail to the International Mobility  Services in which they announce their candidates for training. After that, International Mobility Services sends applicants usernames for the online application tool, SoleMOVE, by e-mail.
Nominations should include:
1. Student's complete name
2. Date of birth
3. Gender
4. E-mail address
5. Duration of exchange (autumn semester, spring semester or full academic year)
6. Campus choice (Joensuu, Kuopio, Savonlinna)
The recommended deadline for autumn semester and full academic year nominations is 15 April and for the spring semester 15 September.
Important! If you have not received an e-mail that contains information on activating your user account, check your junk mail folder!
Activating the user account
When you have received the e-mail containing your username, click the activation link. You can choose your own password. Enter it twice and activate the account. Then you can log in. Do not delete the activation e-mail – it contains your username and the link to the application system. You will need them later.
User instructions
You will have access to the complete user manual when you have logged in. You will find it in the upper left corner by clicking the question mark.
Application check list
1)      Application form - COMPULSORY
  • Be sure to choose ‘P – Placement' as the type of exchange. Check the information that is already there, and be careful to spell your name as it appears in your passport. Capitalize the first letter, leave the rest lower case.
2)      Official Transcript of Academic Records - COMPULSORY
  • A Transcript of Academic Records is your complete academic record with the information on completed courses, grades and credits.
  • An English translation of the Transcript of Academic Records is required.
  • Application cannot be processed without the transcript because the academic departments of the University of Eastern Finland need to check the applicant's academic background and suitability for the intended studies.
  • Scan your transcript and upload it as an attachment to your application.
3)      Placement agreement - COMPULSORY
  • Use the form your university gives you. Complete the form clearly with BLOCK letters or type electronically.
  • If you intend to work in a research project, please indicate the name of your supervisor and type of the project
  • The agreement must be signed by the applicant, the departmental coordinator and the institutional coordinator (if available).
  • Scan the signed agreement and upload it as an attachment to your application.
4)      A scanned copy of an official ID - COMPULSORY
  • Scan the identification page of your passport or other official ID as an attachment to your application.
5)      Curriculum Vitae (CV) - COMPULSORY
  • Upload your CV as an attachment to your application.
6)      Other
  • Letters of reference are optional.
  • In order to avoid any delays in the application process, please make sure that you have carefully filled in all sections of the application form, enclosed required documents and collected all necessary signatures.
  • Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.
Submitting the application
You do not have to complete the application without stopping – if you do not have all the information ready, you can save your progress and continue later. Be sure that you have filled in all the necessary information and attached all enclosures before you send your application. It is not possible for you to change anything in your application after you have submitted it.
Submitting the application in SoleMOVE is enough. You do not need to send us a printed copy.
Admission procedure
The faculties of the University of Eastern Finland admit the students. After receiving your application, the International Mobility Services will forward it to appropriate academic department. The department then processes the application. Once the International Mobility Services receive an official confirmation of acceptance from the faculty/department, an official admission document is issued and sent to you by e-mail 1-2 months after the application period has ended. Please do not make any definite travel plans or reserve accommodation before you have received the official acceptance.
If you have technical problems with the application tool, send an e-mail to movesupport[at]
Further information
 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the International Mobility Services: international[at]



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