Friday, January 2, 2015

Why to Choose Germany for Higher Studies

Turbo Charged Economy
As said earlier, Germany is the first country among the developed nations to recover from the global economic crisis of which many including the USA and UK are still suffering. On the contrary the German economy not only recovered quickly but is sky-rocketing with no signs of slowing down! A visible testimony to the theory is the numerous job openings announced almost everywhere within the past few weeks. The labour shortage is so high that it had to go out of the way and  relax its border to the east European citizens to work here without any legal barrier.

Why is it important? Simply, because you want to study at a country whose economic and political conditions are stable. Bigger economy means bigger spending on universities and research schools. And a strong economy guarantees a 'non-profit' education system. I think by now you know the consequences of universities becoming money making industries rather than true educational institutions. 
Another plus point is the availability of plenty of 'student-jobs' during study period. In short it is financially more secured and convenient.

Excellent Universities and Educational Institutions 
The German universities are famous for pioneering cutting edge technologies. Just wikipedia some major inventions/technologies and most of the time the roots will be related to Germany. All the major universities have a long tradition of excellence in research and development. The government and state expenditure are quite high on education. Usually the universities have a major influence on the city they are located in. The average classes are small but resource heavy, with plenty access to state of the art facilities. The libraries are huge, well resourced and one never has to wait for access to a computer terminal or desk irrespective to the number of students or time of the day/semester. My university has over 37 000 students, till date I never had to wait for one. The best part, almost everything is free of cost for students.

Why is it important? For an ideal studying environment, the educational institutions need to be strong and free from socio-political influences. Fortunately universities in Germany enjoys a full autonomy from the state mechanism. This provides an ideal ground for disturbance free education, research and student life.

Its Fun! 
German universities and colleges are not only about studying, they are pretty much fun as well! Here a university is not complete without a dozen of cafe/restaurants and bars! Each offering a different selection of snacks and cuisines, all of course discounted for students. In addition, there are numerous parties, cultural shows, road shows and night life all arranged by different student offices of the universities. In addition each student hostel has its own party place and bar.

Every student finds an accommodation usually with one of the university subsidiary run hostels. The living conditions are nice. The locations are near to the university, public transport systems and shopping malls. (Detailed info soon to be uploaded).

In most of the states/cities the student identity card doubles as the public transport card valid for travel in trains, trams, subways, water taxi and overhead cars. The cost is included in the social fees for the semester which is about two hundred euro. 

Extracurricular activities.
Should you decide not to be a couch potato, the universities' sport faculties offer a extensive range of sports to choose for in the semester. Activities range from windsurfing, scuba diving, football to karate, techno dance, yoga etc. Again most of them are free for students!

Europeans prefer a non extravagant lifestyle. In cities the buildings, malls and the like blend in smoothly to the surrounding nature. However, it has all the modern social attractions but muted under a layer of simplicity so that it doesn't interfere with people who want quite and peace. Germany is strongly racism free and the laws are very strong against it. It is also very friendly to people with special needs. All the government, semi-government and private establishments have special provisions for disabled persons. The public transport systems and buildings are equipped to cater to people with special needs. 

Why are all these important? Because student life is not only about studies. Life, like everything else must be well balanced. And in Germany it is pretty much balanced. In Germany students literally enjoy a VIP status, a far cry even for many developed nations.



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