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Keys to study two runs concurrently

Study two races at once is a possibility that many students evaluated. Not only one is trained further in a shorter period of time than would curricular successively, expanding professional horizons, but also allows many solve the dilemma of "what career study?" When there are two candidates that are equally tempting.

However, considering that each subject consumed a considerable share of hours and daily energy is an alternative about which we must think carefully considering various elements:


Motivation is essential in carrying out our plans. Either because we want to see extended our professional or a matter of personal accomplishment and dedication possibilities, we must have clear reasons for our extra effort, otherwise, the will to move forward can be easily bowed.

Keys to study two runs concurrently
Keys to study two runs concurrently


To some people may find it advantageous to study and work to study two races simultaneously, therefore we must carefully evaluate our particular situation, can we afford, from an economic point of view, delaying our entry into the labor market after investing time in another career? And from another perspective, are we really prepared to consider more than the rest of our colleagues and thus renounce exits or meetings and have less leisure time? They are purely personal matters, but it is relevant to consider to ensure the success of our enterprise: why we do it and what are willing to sacrifice.


Keep in mind that the races are related, the easier it will be completed (e.g, Sociology or Political Science and Law and Labor Relations and Labor). First, because most of the time you can validate the subjects present in both or to members of the basic cycles or common logs.

Secondly, even in cases of exclusive materials of every race, often the knowledge that we acquire and provide us with the task to absorb or understand new; all disciplines have a certain degree of interdependence with others.


Sign up to two different races in the year that just started our college experience can be risky, since we have no sense of time and effort that we require different levels of assessment.

It is advisable to go a couple of semesters in one of the races and start another when we have a clear picture of how many materials have passed, how we are to adopt and what we can cover without necessarily fall behind in the race we have started.


Each university has a different regulation when a student curse allow more than one race. Some do not allow it, others do without any requirement or process. Others even have solely to manage sections for simultaneous races.


In making the decision, we must take into account the time and expertise needed to carry out the procedure without major headaches documentation. The ideal is to collect all the information about time before registrations are open to the races in question.


Carrying two runs simultaneously and is full most of the time, physically impossible. It is very likely that schedules overlap or that the literature of the subject is so vast that it is impossible to cover everything that should take, so you have to choose the materials carefully. Please read the program and talk to senior students to know, among other things, how bulky are the lessons, which is the demand of the chair or what the regime assists.

Student thinking

It will thus be possible to assemble a balanced quarter, with courses at various levels of difficulty, to bring completed at a reasonable pace and not leave because we are overloaded. In fact, if we know it will be a difficult period, take only one subject of one of the races should not worry. We not even rule out the possibility should take a break of one race over a quarter if our agenda for various reasons suddenly filled; crawl is always preferable to abandon our goal. And in many cases, take it easy and find our own rhythm are the keys to success.

In addition, the costs and benefits of simultaneous careers should be evaluated on a purely personal and vary according to the particular situation of each student. However, what is certain is that with determination, organization and self-restraint, get two titles in relatively few years is possible, even if they belong to the same area of ​​study.



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