Friday, August 14, 2015

Top 10 study habits

In this note a guide to the most important points to keep in mind to maximize your study time.

Study schedule. Having a fixed time every day or certain days of the week helps. It's like your mind already known that certain day at a certain time is study time.

Record the time of study. Sometimes one starts and stops himself, or is interrupted. Ideally score on paper how much time was devoted to each study session. Based on those times and the results can be studied to determine if more or less.

Study every day. Better go carrying the materials a day dedicating a little time each day to try to study everything at the last minute.

Determine priorities. No serves devote hours of study subjects who have no weight in the program. Maybe they have more important aspects which focus. We must set priorities taking into account the 80/20 rule tells us that 80% of our results will be given by 20% of our effort.

Meet targets by day. No use studying every day a certain amount of fixed hours. There are days in which we will study more than others. How do I determine it? Making a curriculum that includes weeks and days. Each day we can note how we move forward with each subject and then fulfill it during the day.

Study of books. A textbook has studied concepts. Beyond that in some areas there may be different approaches, in general, any book will be a reliable source of reference. That is why it is so important to study the books.

Top 10 study habits
Top 10 study habits

Summarize guidelines exercises. Write down what exercises they could do, and what not. Get statistics on how well we are solving. Released in Minds we saw 10 tips to deal with a workout guide.

Silent study. Distracting outside noises, music also. Ideally, quiet study, but we know that it can sometimes be boring. So it is best to have a balance. Those topics can study easier with background music and silent harder to concentrate better. They can review the article Study with Music.

Repeat aloud. If we have to study a text, a good way to learn and assimilate it is to repeat aloud as if we explained the concepts to another person.

No doubt keep. It is very common that sometimes something is not clear. These issues have to write them down in any point and get them clear before exams. You can ask in class and resolve doubts with teachers, peers or books, but we must resolve them before exams or not we will be making a 100% effort.



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