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10 programs of scholarships to study Journalism

10 programs of scholarships to study Journalism

10 programs of scholarships to study Journalism
10 programs of scholarships to study Journalism 

If you want to continue your studies abroad Journalism, we bring you 10 programs of scholarships to make it happen. Notes and hopes the opening of calls
Journalism is very present level and many organizations and universities that want to promote training in the area. We bring you a selection of 10 programs of scholarships to continue your studies abroad Journalism:

1. Niemen-Berkman Fellowship
The Niemen Foundation for Journalism and the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, both of Harvard University, offer sponsorship to a student for one year to conduct a research project on digital innovation in journalism. The scholarship can be ordered in January and the approximate value is $ 60,000.
Find out more about the scholarships Niemen-Berkman Fellowship
2. Reuters Foundation Fellowships
The Thomson Reuters Foundation offers 6 scholarships for research projects of various kinds at the University of Oxford. They cover all expenses and may be 3, 6 or 9 months. To apply, you must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience and be fluent in English. The term usually ends in late January.
Find out about grants Reuters Foundation
3. Scholarships Foreign Press Association
The Foreign Press Association (FPA) US offers a scholarship of excellence for a degree in Journalism. The scholarships are for foreigners who have a financial need and have an excellent record.
Learn more about the scholarships of the Association of Foreign Press
4. Scholarships for Erasmus Mundus Master in Journalism, Media and Globalization
The Erasmus Mundus program offers scholarships for the Erasmus Mundus Master in Journalism, Media and Globalization. For European students, the universities for the master will be The University of California, Berkeley in the United States, the University of Technology Sydney, Australia and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Registration begins in November and scholarships will be worth 23,000 €.

Find out here about Scholarships for Erasmus Mundus Master in Journalism, Media and Globalization
5. Journalism Fellowship at Columbia University
Columbia University has various scholarships for international students of journalism and all calls ending in early February. Hearst scholarship offers for Business Journalism Fellowship, the Hinders scholarships for excellent graduates, scholarships Joseph Pulitzer II and Edith Pulitzer Moore for at least one international journalism student each year, and scholarships Toni Stabile in investigative journalism, 2 scholarships students who want to engage in field research projects.
Read a full scholarship at the University of Columbia
6. Fellowship of the Institute of World Press
Each year, the World Press Institute (WPI) offers scholarships 3 months with all expenses paid to foreign journalists who want to make an immersion course in politics, business, culture, media and journalistic ethics in the United States.
Find out more about the World Press Institute Fellowship
7. European Journalism Fellowships
The Free University of Berlin offered every year 10 to 15 scholarships to journalists from Eastern and Western Europe and the United States who want to spend 2 semesters researching in Berlin. To participate you must submit a research project whose results will be published.
Learn more about the European Journalism Fellowships
8. Joan Shorenstein Fellowship at Harvard
These scholarships, funded by Harvard University and available every year until February 2, offering the opportunity to investigate, share and expand their education in politics. The scholarships last six months and have a value of US $ 30,000, but does not cover travel costs or maintenance. To apply, you need to have a good command of English.
Learn more about Joan Shorenstein Fellowship at Harvard
9. Cate Haste Scholarship at the University of Sussex
Sussex University Cate Haste offers scholarship to study master in its School of Media, Film and Music. To apply for the scholarship you must have been accepted at one of the masters program. Covers tuition fees (£ 7,800 or £ 6,060), the term usually ends in early May.
Learn about the scholarship Cate Haste
10. Scholarships Jerry Flint
Jerry Flint scholarships, granted by the Foundation of Overseas Press Club of America, for graduates in Journalism are studying in colleges or universities in the United States and want to be correspondents. It is paid 15 opportunities for internships in media organizations like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Global Post, and cover the expenses for travel and subsistence.



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