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Five Steps to study in Germany

Five Steps to study in Germany

Five Steps to study in Germany

Check eligibility

Are you looking for a study place? In that case, a German high school can be a good choice. Good academic training provided, as well as the prestige plus the fact of international training, will transform his studies in Germany an unforgettable time of your life. Here we will explain how to approach your project successfully.

The validation of school certificates and diplomas of studies

If you want to study in Germany, you will need you with a certificate of access to higher education, ie a certificate whereby you meet the requirements for access to higher education in their country of origin. In Germany it will check whether the certificate presented is comparable to the degree of access to higher education to use in Germany. At present, many foreign qualifications are recognized as equivalent. See accepted or additional qualifications to perform, for the case of their country of origin, in the DAAD database tests.

If you have made a higher education in their home country and want to come to Germany to add to his resume such a master, it is advisable to first obtain the recognition of their qualifications. This procedure is done at the Academic Office of International Affairs and the International Office of the University of their Choice. The addresses on the website of the DAAD. Also the database of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Culture of the Lander will inform on the recognition of their qualifications.

Also it agrees to reflect on the opportunity to do some studies alternating with work practice. The different races can be taken on the modalities of studies part time, full time or distance. This way you can accumulate professional experience in Germany and get a solid theoretical training.
Do you not a recognized school certificate available? In that case, the solution is in the pre-university school

Also in case your school certificate is not recognized as equivalent to the German degree of access to higher education, it will be able to study in Germany. To do so it must first pass a training course taught in a junior college. There you will receive German lessons, while other subjects in line with the career you want to study. This course usually lasts one year. Once approved the corresponding final exam, you will be issued a degree of access to higher education restricted to an area of ​​specific studies. For more information on the website of the junior colleges in Germany.

Five Steps to study in Germany


Enrollment in language courses

If you have decided on a career taught in German language, you must prove that you have sufficient language skills. The usual for this purpose certificates are the "German Language Examination for Access to Higher Education" (DSH) and the "test of German as a foreign language" (TestDaF). Both have identical validity. In the case of studies taught in English, usually it is not required to accredit knowledge of German. Nor they have to meet this requirement students from one of the Germans abroad or a junior college official schools.

Regardless of the studies you choose, it is advisable to master the German language at least to the B2 level. This will help you communicate with your environment independently, either when shopping, immigration office or in the event of a medical appointment. In addition, you can better participate in social life and increase their career opportunities if they stay in Germany.

If you choose to pass a German while you are still in your home country, you can do for example in one of the 158 Goethe Institutes that exist throughout the world. You can find the address of the institute closest to our world map interactive "local contacts".
German recognition of academic qualifications abroad

Hopefully stay in Germany is less happy to hear that decide to stay after completing their studies. If you later prefer to go to work in another country, you can be sure that your degree or German master is recognized in the international labor market. Unlike the case of state exams performed in careers in medicine, law, pharmacy, as well as teaching careers. It is therefore advisable to check in advance what careers that provide particularly good opportunities for employment in Germany or in the international arena. The DAAD and assist in choosing the right career and high school.

Sufficient means for subsistence and for studies

The way to pay for their studies in Germany is probably for you one of the most important issues. These are the two most important issues in this regard.

Semi-annual rates: in relation to the first crusade career colleges in Germany does not require the payment of fees for studies. Salamander the semester fee to pay. The semester fee includes contributions to Student newer (college for social work students) and ASTA (student council). Dependent on the university, the amount is between 100 and 300 euros. Often, with the payment of the semester fee students receive a pass for the local public transport.

It is important to note that in the case of international curricula, such as undergraduate and master taught in English, the current rules may be different. If you want to participate in any of these curricula, learn about applicable fees. You will find relevant information about more than 1,550 international curriculum course 2013/2014 on the website of the DAAD (English).

Subsistence costs: German students spend an average of 800 euros per month. Of this amount, almost 300 euros are dedicated to rental housing and aproximadamente165 euros goes to food. Depending on your family situation and study center you will need more or even less money. For detailed information on expenditures during the studies.
Information on scholarships

Do you want to finance their studies through a scholarship? In Germany there is a large number of institutions providing such monthly financial aid, according to certain criteria. These may include obtaining a high level of qualifications or in some form of social commitment. On the other hand, you should know that in Germany is not often grant scholarships for the first semester. Foreign students more advanced semesters and PhD students are able to apply for a scholarship awarded by the DAAD. There are also some private institutions that support students from abroad. More information on aid DAAD and other organizations having assistance programs for international students in the corresponding web page.

Order a study place

To apply for a study place there are two possibilities. In the case of many colleges can you make the request through a specific institution, called Unit-Assist? See the attached colleges on the website of Unit-Assist. If the high school of your choice does not belong to the above, you can direct your request directly to the top school in question. You can find the address of your high school on the list of German high schools.

If you want to begin their studies in the winter semester, usually you must request your seat prior to July 16. To start summer studies must submit the relevant documentation before 16 January. It is possible that for certain races worth other conditions and other different terms. For example, for some races you will need a minimum grade average or perform an entrance examination.



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