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Scholarships all the aids for studying to cost less!

Each year, students face numerous expenses such as study material, tuition, accommodation or transportation, which make it difficult to reach the end of the month. To cover these expenses, in this article we tell you the main scholarships that you can apply for.

One of the main causes why many students do not get a scholarship is simply because they are unaware of their existence and do not apply for it. Although the Ministry of Education and Autonomous Communities are the main agencies that offer grants to study, more and more private entities are joining this initiative by offering different types of scholarships and granting credits with advantages for the financing of studies.

All the scholarships, besides benefiting your pocket, allow you to live incredible experiences that will make your stage as a student unforgettable. Below, we tell you the main aids, which surely you can also enjoy.

For university studies
Whether you are already in college or are going to enter this year, the Ministry of Education calls for scholarships to complete your university studies. The most popular is the General and Mobility Scholarship for all university students.
Requirements. Due to the number of interested students, the State can not grant scholarships to all, so it is necessary to fulfill certain requirements to qualify for these scholarships: general (such as owning Spanish nationality, from a Member State of the European Union; Or from other non-EU countries in the event that the applicant or his parents work in Spain), academics (these will vary depending on the studies you are going to take. Enroll in a minimum of 60 credits and in the case of a second-year student of these degrees must have exceeded 60% of the credits of the previous course if it is a technical education or 80% of the credits in the rest of the lessons), And economic (according to the level of family income is determined whether or not the student can qualify for the scholarship, and the amount and type of aid or aid that the student can access).
These scholarships usually range between € 1,592 and € 5,828, although students from the Canary Islands, Eustace, Mella and the Balearic Islands can increase to € 6,400.
Annually establish different types of thresholds or income limits that should not be surpassed to be entitled to the scholarship and the amount varies according to the band of thresholds in which the income of the family is included and the needs that the studies cause. For example, the scholarship amount will be higher for students who study outside their community or have lower incomes.
Paula Cossío is one of the many university students who enjoy the General and Mobility Scholarship that the Ministry of Education calls each year. Since leaving Stander and went to study in Madrid, receives aid of about € 5,700. "The scholarship money comes to pay for the apartment and some expenses like food, but I have difficulties to make ends meet and cover all the study material I need during the course," he explains.
The resolution of whether or not they grant the scholarship usually leaves by December, although it is very frequent that is delayed and shortly after you receive the money, we are told by several university students.
In case the family has the highest level of income the student can only obtain the subsidy for enrollment.
Very important: scholarships for university students can be enjoyed by both public and private university students, as long as they are going to take an official degree. But if you study at a private university and get a scholarship for tuition, the amount of the scholarship will only cover the cost of tuition in a public university.

For studies of Vocational Training
Students who choose Vocational Training (FP) instead of university studies may also choose scholarships and grants if they meet a series of general, economic and academic requirements. Like the general scholarship of university students, the application deadlines are opened in June and end in October. Scholarships for studies of Vocational Training, to study Programs of Initial Professional Qualification or aid for students with specific need of educational support are some of the offered by the Ministry of Education.
In addition, your autonomous community can also offer you scholarships and interesting grants such as the Finnova program of the Community of Madrid for students of vocational and university students for practical and research, or the 6,000 Grant in Andalusia to combat school dropout in Bachillerato and Vocational Training.
But in addition to these grants, the students of Vocational Training of Higher Degree now have the opportunity to carry out their practical training in a European company or organization participating in the Erasmus program and receive € 360 monthly to pay for their stay abroad, which will vary between 2 weeks and 12 months. The application process for the Erasmus grant must be done in your school, so contact them to let them know about this help.
And if you are already a graduate of Higher Education and under 30 years of age, you may be interested in the University Business Foundation Gateway Grants with the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, combining paid internships (€ 700 per month for 1 year) with Complementary training at university level.

To learn languages
It is increasingly important to master a second language and what better than to go abroad to perfect them. Do you think you can not afford it? Apply for one of the scholarships that the Ministry of Education calls to promote language learning! Known as the MEC Language Scholarships, they have a budget of more than 50 million euros. The last call will allow more than 29,000 students, aged between 16 and 30, to spend a stay in a foreign country to learn and have an unforgettable experience. Remember that application deadlines usually fall in the months of February and March.
And if you prefer to study English in a Spanish city, there is nothing better than to apply for a language immersion course at the Melendez Payola University. Up to 18,000 students of higher education can take an intensive course of one week in one of the centers that this University has spread throughout the Spanish geography. After being selected, the final adjudication of the place will be done after passing a level test and paying the amount of € 100. Guillermo Gradaílle, a student of the language immersion course at A Coruscate, said: "It was an incredible experience because the course is of high quality and intensive. From 9am to 6pm we were studying English, especially oral English classes that were complemented by work. Even so, we also had time to have fun and get to know the city ".
The application procedures for any of these language scholarships are similar. On the same page of the Ministry of Education, you sign up by entering your ID and once you confirm that you meet the academic, economic and general requirements, you start the procedures online. You will have to print the application for the scholarship in pdf format, complete it and send it by registered mail to the General Office of Grants and Educational Promotion (Calle Torrelaguna, 58-28027 Madrid), during the established deadlines.

To move around and get to know other universities
Scholarships Seneca. If you are already a university student you have the possibility to study an entire course in another Spanish university and the credits are immediately recognized in your academic record. The Seneca Scholarships are intended to encourage the exchange of students among the universities of our country.
Almost any university can choose this scholarship, as long as it meets certain requirements such as having a certain average grade (1.20 for technical qualifications and 1.50 for other university studies), a series of credits approved and the subjects in Those that enroll you in the new university are compulsory in your career, as well as not having suspended them in your faculty of origin.
This scholarship offers the possibility to change community and meet new colleagues, as well as expand your curriculum towards the future labor market. If you think changing a city will cost you a lot, the Seneca Scholarship gives you a monthly allowance of 500 euros, plus a one-time travel aid (approximately 120 euros) to finance your stay.

Erasmus scholarships. It is a program of exchange of students and professors between countries of the European Union and other associated countries that allows you to spend a period of studies in a university of another country participating in this program of educational cooperation.

If you want to enjoy this scholarship you have to apply during the previous course in your own study center (in the Department of International Relations or the Erasmus Office). To have passed the first course and to have an average level of the language of the university in which you will study will be some of the most frequent requirements that request you. The endowment is around 150 € per month paid in different periods according to the stay, an amount that does not cover all the expenses of the stay abroad, but which is an aid to have the opportunity to improve a second language and Expand your academic training.

For the best students
Scholarships of Excellence are awarded to students who will start college and earn a Global Honors Degree or Extraordinary High School Award. Through this scholarship you can have tuition for free during your first university course in most universities. Find out at the university that interests you about the opportunities they offer you by being an outstanding student.
The Fellowship of Excellence of the Community of Madrid is one of the most interesting to reward students with a brilliant academic record both to start the career as if you are still studying. This scholarship applies to both official teaching at a university in the Community of Madrid and attached schools. The requirements that are requested to get this scholarship are to approve everything in June. If you are going to start your university studies you will have to have a qualification in the tests of access to the university (PAU) of a minimum of 8.70 points; But if you access from a training cycle of higher grade you will need 9.31 points.
The only obligation is to collaborate at least 50 hours during the course in a research project or task of supporting a teacher. Definitely be a good student has a prize and in this case are € 4,500.

Other scholarships you can get
Autonomous. In addition to the scholarships convened nationally, each autonomous community calls every year specific grants aimed primarily at its residents. Visit the website of the Ministry of Education of your community to catch up and see if you can benefit from any of its help.
From your university Almost all universities have their own scholarships and study grants for their students. Ask at your university and maybe you will find the scholarship you are looking for. Scholarships of academic excellence, due to financial difficulties or scholarships of collaboration with some department or professor of your faculty, are some of the many aids that you may be interested.

 Social Work of Savings Banks and Banks. There are many banks that support education with various scholarship programs and study aids. Do not hesitate to go to these financial institutions to inform you about all these opportunities.



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