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The best university scholarships to study in the USA

The best university scholarships to study in the USA

The American University model offers an important range of scholarships, all of them focused on attracting talent to its university education centers. Whether academic or sports talent, these universities are aware that their best letter of presentation are the academic and sporting successes that each student can achieve. Therefore, they try to attract their classes to the best students and athletes. It is also quite common for certain universities, located mainly in the interior or in the north of the country, to seek international profiles that bring experiences and knowledge from different countries around the world.

The best university scholarships to study in the USA

In order for you to know and know how to distinguish scholarships in United States universities, we group them into four types:

1.- Need Based - based on necessity: They are granted to Students depending on the economic resources of each family. The vast majority of American universities, especially the public ones, do not grant this type of scholarship to international students, but some. The application is in parallel to the admission process in each university.

2.- Academic Scholarships: Scholarships aimed at academically and personally brilliant profiles, three academic requirements are taken into account:

GPA for the last four years of high school, SAT and TOEFL (we refer you to our section of scholarship program in the United States), but each profile is evaluated in a totally personalized way considering also different aspects of each candidate: leadership, entrepreneurship , Volunteering, professional experiences, group management, international experiences, personal experiences, etc. These scholarships are awarded by almost all universities but not always international students are eligible for them. It competes against American and non-American students.

3.- Some universities also have what they call international scholarships to study in the USA, which are those addressed exclusively to international students. The academic requirements are the same as for academic scholarships, although with lower scores, and do not take into account other aspects of the personal profile. Not all universities have these types of scholarships, usually are more rural universities that use these scholarships as a tool to attract international students.

4.- Finally the sports scholarships in USA are focused on competing sports profiles. There are great differences between the scholarships available by type of sport and between men's sport and women's sport (if you want to know more we leave you with our section of the page sports scholarships in the United States) so it is difficult to standardize a minimum sports level, but It is important to make it clear that it is for competitive sport. In addition to the sports level, we must meet the requirements we already know: GPA, SAT and TOEFL.

This is the type of scholarship that any student, whether American or not, can access. Having a good team that advises you in this process is fundamental, because the selection processes usually take into account certain criteria that all aspiring students must handle. At WA Management we work to get your profile and your demands to match with a range of American universities. Knowing the student profile that each university is looking for, the type of athlete needing their sports equipment and making your profile more interesting for them is necessary in order to qualify for a scholarship at an American university.



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