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Fill in the blanks for JSC Exam part-one

1.     Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
The prize giving ceremony of our school was (a) ___on 2 December 2012. it was held in the school auditorium. We decorated (b) ____school building very nicely. The function began at 10 a.m. it began with the (c) ___ from the holy Quran and the bible. Then the head teacher called the names of the recipients. The head teacher also read (d)___the annual report. Then the prize were distributed (e) ---- the winners.

Answer: (a) held   (b) the   (c) recitation   (d) out   (e) among.

2.     Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Independence is (a) ____birth right of a man. But no nation can achieve it without struggle. We achieved independence in 1971 through a (b) _____war. People of all walks of life joined the war. They fought (c) _____against the enemies. They did not run (d) _____showing their back. Many freedom fighters become martyrs in the war. Today we remember them with (e) ____respect.

Answer: (a) the    (b) bloody    (c) fiercely   (d) away   (e) profound.

3.     Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
21st February is declared as an (a) _______mother language day. This day is also (b) ____ Shaheed day. On this day people go to shaheed minar to show (c)______ to the martyrs. They carry flower wreaths to offer them (d) _____national flag is kept half flying. The popular song “Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano Ekushe February” is (e) _____in chorus.

Answer: (a) international (b) called   (c) respect   (d) the   (e) sung

4.     Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Man is curious by nature. He wants to know (a) _____thing about the world. Newspaper is (b) _____best media to satisfy this curiosity. It is useful to all sections of (c)_____. In modern life it has really become a (d) ____of our life. People can express their opinions through it.  For many reasons a newspaper is called the (e) ___of knowledge.

Answer: (a) various   (b) the   (c) people   (d) part and parcel   (e) storehouse

5.     Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Haji Mohsin was famous for his (a) ____. He helped the poor people (b) ____food and clothes.One night a thief (c) ___into his bedroom.  Haji Mohsin woke up and caught hold of the thief. The thief said, “sir, I am very poor and I have no (d) ___ in my house.” Mohsin felt pity with the poor man. He took him to another room and (e)---box.

Answer: (a) kindness   (b) giving   (c) entered      (d) food    (e) opened

6.     Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Bangladesh is a small country.  But this country of ours is rich in (a) ___ resources.  Our progress (b) ____ on the proper use of these resources. It will not do if we while away our time in (c) _____.  The responsibility of building the country (d) _____ rests with us.  For this we have to work hard. We should bear in mind that industry is (e) _____ key to success.

Answer: (a) natural     (b) depends     (c) idleness   (d) properly    (e) the

7.     Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Industry is at the (a) _____ of all success.  It is not possible to do any noble deed without (b) _____ our Bangladesh is a poor country, but we take pride in calling her (c)____ Bengal. It requires hard labors to build golden Bengal in the true sense of (d) _____term.  The people of the developed countries are very industrious.  Many of us, on the other hand, are lazy and (e) _____to work.

Answer: (a) root   (b) industry   (c) golden   (d) the   (e) reluctant.

8.     Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Kazi Nazrul Islam is called the rebel poet.  He was (a) _____on 24th may, 1899, at churulia in the district of burdens.  He came of a poor (b) _____. Hos parents were Kazi Fakir Ahmed and jobeda khatun. Nazrul is one of the (c) _____ Bengali poets.  His poem “bidrohi” made him (d) _____overnight when he was only 21 year old.  Nazrul’s gazzles (islam songs) are very popular in the (e) _____community.

Answer: (a) born    (b) family   (c) greatest    (d) famous   (e) Muslim 

9.     Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
UNICEF is an (a) ____ organization. It mainly works for the children.  UNICEF was (b)____ in December 1946.  it’s (c)_____ is in new York, USA.  Currently it works in 190 countries and territories of the world.   Extremely (d) ____ children of the world are its main target. UNICEF is the world’s largest organization taking care of children’s  (e)____ and protection.

Answer: (a) international   (b) established    (c) headquarters     (d) poor    (e) right

10. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
The invention of paper was an important event in history. There stared a (a) ____ change in the area of writing. Before the invention of paper people wrote on the surface of stone, metal (b) _____leaves etc. but as soon as paper was invented writing become easier.  Books began to be (c) _____ more easily.   Today a huge quantity of paper is being (d)______ and (e)_____ in the publishing world.

Answer: (a) revolutionary      (b) wood     (c) published     (d) produced      (e) used

11. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Good food means the (a) ____kind of food.  It contains such natural (b) ____ that our body needs to stay healthy.  But it is also important that one should not eat too much (c) _____the food is good. (d) ____too much is bad for health.  We have to eat only a (e) _____amount of food that our body needs.

Answer: (a) right    (b) substances   (c) though    (d) eating    (e) certain

12. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Cleanliness is the (a) ______to good health.  If we are not clean, disease will attack us.  In order to keep clean we have to take (b) _____everyday.  We have to (c) _____on clean clothes. We have to (d) _____our hands before meals and after (e) ____the toilet.

Answer: (a) precondition    (b) bath     (c) put    (d) wash    (e) using

13. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Students should be conscious about keeping their classroom clean.  They (a) ______not always depend on others for this.  They do the cleaning by themselves.  They can (b) _____some rules.  Some of them can be: Do not spit in the class; do not drop (c) ______in the class; use the (d) _____for trash; keep the desks and chairs in (e)_______.

Answer: (a) should   (b) maintain   (c) wastes/litters   (d) dustbin/bin    (e) order

14. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
What is truthfulness?  It (a) ____ a great virtue.  It (b) _____ a indispensable part of human character.  The great men of the world were truthful.  The great prophet Hazard Mohammad (s-m) (c) ____a model of truthfulness.  Once a man who was (d) _____to steal came to him for (e) ____so that he could give up stealing.

Answer: (a) is   (b) is    (c) was    (d) used   (e) advice

15. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Physical exercise is (a) ______for all.  It keeps us (b) ___strong and healthy.  Our life is full of activities and (c) _____.  We can face them if we have physical and mental (d) ______.  It is physical exercise which (e) ____us to gain this fitness.

Answer: (a) essential    (b) physically     (c) struggles     (d) fitness     (e) helps.

16. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
It is well-known that education is the backbone of a nation. No nation can make (a) ___without education. Education (b) ____our ignorance and gives us (c) ___of knowledge. While imparting education there should be no (d) _____between men and women.  Education is one of the (e) ____human rights

Answer: (a) progress      (b) removes    (c) light    (d) discrimination      (e) basic/fundamental

17. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
English is an international (a) ____. It is spoken all over the (b) ____. So the importance of English cannot be (c) ___anyhow.  All the books of higher education are written in (d) ___.  Today organizations recruit employees who can speak and write English (e) --------.

Answer: a) language     b) world      c) denied      d) English     e) well

18. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Patriotism is a (a) ____virtue.  It is a (b) _____quality in human nature.  It (c) _____a man to shed every drop of blood to (d) ______the liberty and dignity of the country.  But patriotism should not be merely a (e) _____slogan in the public meeting to fake the people.  It should be cherished in the core of heart and materialized in our deeds.

Answer: a) noble     b) great      c) inspires       d) defends      e) political

19. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Our environment is comprised of various (a) _____.  Oxygen is one of the most. (b)_____ elements of our environment.  We cannot do a single movement (c) _____oxygen.  It is wholly, solely and instantly related to our life.  it strengthens our immune system and helps us to breath properly.  We feel (d) _____condition in absence of oxygen.  But it is a matter of sorrow that the (e) _____of oxygen is getting shorter for environment pollution.

Answer: (a) astonishing      (b) important       (c) without      (d) fixed       (e) lack

20. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Health is (a) _____for all. Without sound health none can live properly in the world.  Malnutrition is reverse to (b) ______health.  Malnutrition refers to (c) _____of nations.  Those who suffer from malnutrition can not do any work properly.  Malnutrition can be prevented by taking (d) _____diet.  A balanced diet is essential for all.  Those, who don’t take a balanced diet suffer (e) _____malnutrition.

Answer: (a) essential     (b) sound      (c) deficiency       (d) balanced       (e) from

21. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Cleanliness is (a) ____ to godliness. Without (b) _____ clean, none can lead a (c) ______life.  it is (d)_____to spend time with young children practicing and teaching them good hygiene.  They should be taught how to (e)____ hygiene.

Answer: (a) next      (b) being       (c) happy       (d) good      (e) maintain

22. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
It is food (a) ______is very important for our body.  We can’t live without (b) ____.  Ms.  Rehana says that we must always have good food.  Good food means the right kind of food (c) _____for health.  Good food contains all natural substances that our body (d) _____.  We must eat (e) ____amount of food, not more than that.

Answer:  (a) which       (b) food      (c) for       (d) needed     (e) certain

23. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Bangladesh is one of the most (a) _____ populate countries in south Asia.  Her (b) ______area is smaller in comparison to (c) _____countries but she has really a large (d) ______.  She lost three million people in (e) _____war of liberation in 1971.

Answer: (a) over/densely      (b) total      (c) many     (d) population     (e) the

24. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
Cricket is an international game.  So, everything is measured here (a) _____.  It is played between two teams, each (b) _____of eleven players.  A soft, dry and grassed ground is necessary for the game.  Other requisites of the game are two wooden bats, a ball and two sets of (c) ____.  The wickets are pitched at a distance of 22 (d) _____.  This play is widely enjoyed in the present (e) ____.

Answer: (a) internationally       (b) consisting    (c) stumps     (d) yards     (e) world

25. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word:
You have heard the (a) __of Begum Rokeya.  She was born in the (b) __ pairabondh.  She had attraction for education (c) __childhood. She was a (d) ___in the education of  Muslim women. We remember her with (e)—.

Answer: (a) name      (b) village    (c) from     (d) pioneer    (e) respect



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