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Why study in France?

If all the things you mentioned about France were not enough, what if I told you that the country has one of the most prestigious educational systems in the world? If you are a person seeking undergraduate, graduate or something else, you'll easily find an incredible education in the country. No matter what region you go, there are many universities and educational institutions that offer world class education for people across the country. There is a reason why so many people choose to come to France to study and when is the best education you seek, worth take a little time to look at colleges and universities that are available throughout the country

Why study in France?

As a student of one of these institutions you can be sure you'll get an amazing education, at the same time will enjoy the many other things in the country. French institution of higher education proposition students the chance to attend their institutions in full and part time, with a series of class schedules and available courses. These courses vary by school, like the time a week you can attend. However, it is very easy to find something that fits your schedule and allows you to go to college.

Some of the universities in France also offer their students the opportunity to complete some of their courses from home via computer. This is something you should check with the university in question, as not all offer this option. Furthermore, it cannot provide for all courses or for all subjects.

French tradition is to welcome foreign students from all over the world. Since the Middle Ages and the birth of the Sorbonne (the first French university), which opened over 800 years ago, students from all over Europe have come to France to study. Especially in the arenas of theology, medication and law.

But people no longer come only from Europe. Many students from the United States. They go to college in France. There is also a growing share of foreign persons registered in French universities. People come to France for college because they know what kind of system that awaits them. France is keen to provide an excellent education in all subjects and for all students. This is happening in all universities.

No matter what country you come from, you can expect to be welcomed with open arms. There is much diversity in France. This is one of the things that keeps the country as one of the best places to be, for everyone. It's nice to know that fit in just fine when you reach. No one will query the fact that it can be hard being the new guy. If you come from another country and do not know the culture of France or anyone, everything can be much more frightening. Bear in mind that no matter what region of the country decide to go in France you can be sure you'll be welcomed and feel like at home, it really is a great blessing.

The French government introduced a vigorous policy of support in 1998 by inviting foreign students in French schools. The policy was introduced and followed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, composed through the Ministry of Education and consists of four different mechanisms. These four mechanisms are:

Policy change issued visas, contribute to simplification and prioritize all students. Two exceptional measures have been made: the rejections and the right to appeal.
The creation of the Agency Campus France, especially present in education fairs, to promote French higher education abroad. all students interested in studying in France visit their website is recommended.
The creation of a European university for the titles available in the country, more reliable.
A new program of grants from the French government that makes it more attractive for foreign students coming to study in France and also for these scholarships correspond to the internationalization of French higher education institutions.
Order a place at an institution of higher education in France is easier, foreign students have the possibility to apply to up to 20 different universities with a single application on the web. Since you can not apply to a university in person when you are in another country, this is something that makes everything much easier for all students wishing to enroll in a French university. Also you will find it fairly easy to research universities that are available in France, with the help of the web. All schools in France have a website that you can visit and in doing so, you can determine if it is a good choice for you and cover your specific needs.

France has more than 3,500 institutions of higher education, including the following:

77 public universities that offer degrees in all disciplines and serve as the primary academic research centers
A parallel system of "Grandees Eccles" offering scientific studies, business, art and other specific programs, which diplomas of five years are obtained that are equivalent to a master
School of Architecture
More than 3,000 specialized schools that offer degrees in a wide variety of materials, including hotel management, cooking arts, tourism, travel and social work
Students wishing to attend a French higher education institution, will meet with a number of financial opportunities to make it easier to go to college. Both loans and grants are available for students who qualify for the money. In addition, the French government makes up some of the costs of attending university in the country, so it is a wise financial choice rather attend a university in France. Tuition costs in the country are much lower than in other areas. Combined with the remarkable learning institutions and capacities in the country, studying in France brings a lot of advantages and benefits that are sure are appreciated by students.

Why study in France?
Why study in France?

The average cost of attending a French university is 186 euros for the first year and 255 euros degrees for master's degrees. These were the exact figures for the 2012-2013 school year. Again, the actual amount of tuition costs vary depending on numerous factors already mentioned. These costs are much lower than those seen in many other universities and colleges around the world, all for one of the best educations in the world.

Other benefits that make plausible attend a university in France include the costs of living in the country. Survival is much more affordable in France than in a country like the United States. The costs are exponentially lower for almost all including housing, food and even entertainment.

Average costs in the country:

Lunch at a restaurant 10 Euro
Combo in McDonalds 6.50 Euros
Beer 3 Euros
Cappuccino 3 Euro
Coke / Pepsi cola 3.00 Euros
White bread 3.00 Euros
Milk 1 liters 1.20 EUR
EUR 1.60 per gallon gasoline
Internet 30.00 to 50.00 Euros
These are just some of the costs of ordinary things in the country. Again, the actual amount payable will vary depending on the location where you are.

Of course, the opportunity to live in France is one of the largest and best reasons to attend a university in the country. The country is quite elegant in every way imaginable, and it's something you actually experience it for yourself. So much to see and do in each area of ​​the country, as well as some of the world's best restaurants, art galleries, cinemas and theaters. If you attend a Paris university, you'll enjoy the wonders of the Eiffel Tower and a variety of restaurants with top chefs. France is absolutely stunning in beauty and entertainment. There is something for the boys and girls as well as for people of all ages.

Art, museums and wine are the three things you can count find no matter where you go in the country. If this is something you're interested, the opportunity to travel to France for education will certainly be even more attractive than it could have been. Not only can you find art classes taught through schools, you also surprised with the many museums, wine tasting and cultural events can be enjoyed at any time of year.

Whether you want to study in Paris or prefer to study closer to the northern or southern borders as there are educational institutions throughout the country. Each university has different areas of specialized training, so you should base your choice in the study area that interests you. Additionally, you will find that some schools offer courses in English, while others are taught in French. This is another decision you must make in advance. All institutions offer some interesting benefits and many challenges to overcome, but the title that you get at the end is worth the effort.

There are thousands of reasons to attend a French university is attractive to foreigners. These include low tuition, the chance to explore a wonderful country and the benefit of receiving one of the most prestigious education and training at the hands of the best instructors, but you can be sure that the benefits extend far beyond those just named. No matter who you are or what they want to learn, to attend a university in France it is one of the best decisions you will make in your lifetime



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