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Best tips to increase your general knowledge

The general culture is the variety of knowledge across disciplines that a person possesses. While the accumulation of knowledge in our brains seem to be running outdated due to the computer, general knowledge is something we should all point to a greater or lesser extent, since it is linked with curiosity, research and, Of course, learning.

The more we know from different areas, our training is getting stronger. We can chat with other people on other issues and understand everything in a much deeper way.

Develop general culture takes time, because it is a process of accumulation to be giving very slowly. The good thing is that it is easy to know how to achieve. Here we look at a few tips to increase our general culture.

Best tips to increase your general knowledge
Best tips to increase your general knowledge

Read more books and more often

One book, it's unknown author, it is an immeasurable source of knowledge. Including novels, recounting fictitious events take their time to explain issues in many areas of human knowledge. From knowing the name of a cooking utensil to the functioning of any organ of the body.


The key is to read a lot. The more a person reads books, most have general knowledge. It is a very basic and simple rule.

Among the books that help increase general culture, are the classics of literature. We must take them into account because many of these are masterpieces and unfortunately not enough life to read them all.

Read newspapers

What today may be happening anywhere in the world and is being published in newspapers, may become history tomorrow. Be aware of what happens, the full, experiencing process, makes us not forget that easily. Therefore, within a few years, we will have a clear view of what happened, who the protagonists and how it all happened.


In addition, newspapers not only speak of what happens to economic and political level. They also have excellent supplements interviews or special coverages on special topics. The advancement of science, for example, is documented in any newspaper today.

Read Wikipedia

And collaborative online encyclopedia is a vast source of knowledge. Even taking into account that there are always questionable and improvable items, it's hard not to recommend it anyway.


The best thing about Wikipedia is that you access a particular item and can spend hours leaped others that attract attention. A good exercise to do is spend at least an hour every so often read Wiki articles. You can enter one that looks interesting and then go accessing other. You will see as they pass the page of your favorite band to be reading about ancient Rome in minutes.

Look good cinema

There are movies and there are movies. The difference is the artistic quality. What we are used to seeing today are films that entertain us of course, but that does not leave us much.

It may be the best film before, which revolutionized the way of storytelling and borrow ideas that are taken continuously. However, that does not mean that all tapes that are released today are not any good or not leave anything interesting. For nothing, you just have to know how to choose.

Classic film Casablanca

As with books, perhaps the best thing here is to start seeing classic, at least once in a while. Giving space to the movies once a month before, for example, will gradually learn and maybe we end up falling in love with him.

Interest in other subjects

Difficult to incorporate general knowledge if you are not willing to open your mind a bit and learn new things. We must begin to take an interest in issues that perhaps entry may seem boring or completely unusable.

It is possible that each discipline there is something interesting we finish, albeit tiny. That is the door to enter this new world. It's a matter of being willing to go through it.

Solving crosswords

Such games feed general knowledge. Chemical symbols, biblical characters, verb conjugations, abbreviations, plant types, words in Latin, are just some examples that show how comprehensive they are.


How to solve or try to solve a crossword does not take much time, take those minutes once a week can be helpful in increasing our general culture.

Read blogs of interest

There are many good blogs written by people who have great knowledge, whether general or particular discipline they write. Read and keep in touch with those people you can help us develop our knowledge. It's about browsing the web discarding the trivial and superficial.

Surround yourself with people with general knowledge

People are like sponges and if we surround ourselves with people who know much, perhaps something we manage to retain. You may not only help us to learn something particular, but for something more important: to awaken our interest.

Also, a person may be better than a book or the internet itself, since it can know what we want and what catches our attention. You may be this person to tell us a detail that did not know of something we knew and so motivate us to investigate and know more.

See questions and answers programs

In the same way that crosswords, television programs and answered questions of general knowledge contests. Beyond having mode, the person who knows most about general culture will to win.

Trivia show

Looking followed such programs, given that questions can be repeated often, it makes us remember some things and once again arouse our curiosity about certain issues.

On the other hand, see family or friends a show of questions and answers makes the experience in an educational game that makes us think and try to strive to try to beat the other. In the background, we are learning about a variety of topics.

Play trivia games online

And speaking of games, there are a lot of them online. The most common are the trivia, where there is a question and a number of options as a possible answer. Participants who are connected competing and virtual championships and rankings are armed.

Such games encourage learning varied knowledge. The only thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the necessary level have asked and are focused on right issues. Nothing learn if the questions are about gossip television.



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