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Studying in the USA is the best investment for your future

Studying in the USA is the best investment for your future

Studying at an American university is one of the best ways to invest in your academic, professional and work future. The United States is one of the most fascinating and advanced countries in the world. It is leading the way in fields as important as education, research and new technologies.

Studying in the USA is the best investment for your future

US universities offer high-quality teaching, taught in small groups by highly qualified teachers. The vast majority of them are located on great university campuses and have magnificent facilities. The United States is undoubtedly the best university system in the world. The latest world ranking on the quality of universities conducted by the University of Shanghai places 17 American universities among the top 20 in the world.

If you want to study at a university in the United States, we can help you. We work with universities located throughout the country, from the East Coast to California, many of them in very interesting places. All are endorsed by the main state accreditation bodies. The offer of studies they teach is very rich and varied. You can study practically any degree, master, discipline or specialty that interests you.

If you meet minimum academic and linguistic requirements, we can get you a scholarship. We can also manage the application for a sports scholarship. We will offer you a range of possibilities, from which you can choose. Scholarships can account for 60% of the costs of teaching, housing and maintenance

If you do not qualify for a scholarship, do not worry. We have a solution for every type of student. Contact us and we will be able to comment your case without commitment.

Universities in United States

There are more than 4,500 universities in the United States. The possible universities you can choose will depend on your grades, your level of English and your budget. Below are some of the most significant universities:

University of Southern California, Illinois Institute of Technology, Fisher College in Boston, Milwaukee School of Engineering, UCLA, Columbia University, Millikin University, University of Cincinnati, Lynn University, Yale University, University of Tulsa, Assumption College, Albright College, Carnegie Mellon Harvard University, University of Buffalo SUNY, Purdue University West Lafayette, Northeastern University, Andrews University, University of San Francisco, University of Miami, Drexel University, Brown University, Florida Institute of Technology, University of Washington, Georgetown University, etc. , etc.

Admission requirements to participate in the scholarship program

The minimum requirements to be admitted to the scholarship program are as follows. The better your grades and your level of English, the more options you will have. Each university has its own criteria for awarding scholarships.
• Minimum age: 17 years
• Have a Bachelor's degree in Spain or the High School Diploma in the United States.
• Have an average grade in the last 3 years of school of 6.5 on the scale of 0 to 10 (GPA = 2.7). There are many more options with an average of 7.5 (GPA = 3.2).
• Have a medium high level of English. Minimum score in TOEFL of 61. There are many more options with a grade higher than 79.
• The SAT is not essential, but highly recommended.
• If you want to study an MBA you must have a minimum grade in the GMAT of 600.
If you do not meet these requirements, we can enroll you anyway in a university or community college that suits your profile, assuming all the expenses on your own. Admissions requirements vary depending on the institution and chosen syllabus. We provide you with detailed information on the acceptance criteria in each case.

Admissions process in the university scholarship program

Step 1:
The Estudiar team in USA will determine together with you and your family what the personal objectives are to achieve and will make a preliminary evaluation of your possibilities according to your academic, linguistic and sports profile. To do this, the first step will be to fill out our application for admission, attaching the notes of the last 3 years, your English degree if you had as well as your sport profile. It is very important that we also know the annual budget that your family can spend on your university studies in the United States.

Step 2:
We will determine which are the best options for you, taking into account your goals and the wide range of US universities, where there is a wide variety of degrees, budget for sports and academic scholarships, price, admission requirements and geographic destination. We will jointly define 2 target universities.

Step 3:
We will advise you on the preparation and completion of the main university entrance exams (TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, etc.).
Step 4:
We will advise you on the preparation of the documentation for the application for admission to the chosen universities and in your scholarship program. We will follow up on your application until you get the admission and in your case obtaining the scholarship.

Step 5:
Once you have received the letter of admission and the letter of grant of the scholarship, we will help you in the preparation of the documentation for the registration (medical history, vaccines, insurance, etc.) and in the management of the payments to be made to the university Chosen.

Step 6:
Finally we provide you the I-20 form and the advice for obtaining the visa.

Reasons to study at an American university

US colleges are recognized around the world for the excellent quality of teaching, facilities and faculty. Accreditation systems ensure that institutions continue to maintain these high standards year after year.

As an investment for the future, an academic degree from the United States offers excellent returns. US university degrees are highly recognized and place students well on the job market. The great variety of prices and the possibility of receiving scholarships in many universities have made the option to study in the United States something accessible to thousands of students.

The education system in the United States is unrivaled in the world for the variety of options it offers: different types of institutions, admission requirements, degree programs, and disciplines in which a specialty can be made.
One of the most distinctive features of universities and colleges in the United States is its flexibility. Students have the option of completing the first two years of the program for a degree in a university, and then moving to a more specialized one that best fits the student's needs.

Studying at a university in the United States allows international students to meet many American and other students from around the world with whom to establish lifelong friendships. In addition, it allows access to numerous sports and cultural events, and participate in extracurricular activities and excursions to interesting places.

Accommodation and support

Accommodation on the university campus is the ideal solution. The environment is safe and fun, especially designed to offer a perfect blend of academic and social activities, fostering at all times the development of interpersonal relationships. Living on the university campus is a very stimulating experience. It provides a unique opportunity to interact with American students and other international students who may be roommates or hallway residents. The distance within the campus allows students to go to class on foot, by bike or by bus.

Living in a residence helps you to integrate into university life and allows you to enjoy better everything the university can offer you. There is always something to do, learn or enjoy. It is the ideal solution for first year students.

You will have a complete meal plan. It is intended that the students follow a varied and balanced diet, but this also depends on your tastes. If you do not see something you like on the menu, ask for it!

Local support 
Each university has an International Student Services department whose staff provides initial guidance and is always available to answer your questions and give you the support you need.

After completing the initial orientation you are assigned an academic tutor who helps you prepare your curriculum and schedule to meet the academic requirements.

You can also count on the help of your job insertion counselor who teaches you how to prepare curriculums and to perform and pass job interviews

Health & Wellness

Each campus has a health center for basic care and emergencies. When more complex medical situations arise, it is necessary to go to an external health care facility, whose expenses are covered by health insurance.

Health insurance.

All the universities we work with require a private policy managed by solvent insurers specializing in university student insurance. We advise you on the best options. Other coverages should include the following:

• Health care due to illness
• Accidents, hospitalization, and emergency evacuation
• Emergency dental treatment

Extracurricular activities and clubs

In the university you can do a multitude of activities during your free time. A good way to meet people and make friends is to become a member of a club. There is a great variety of clubs for activities such as cinema, theater, art, music or sport.


Sports are a very important part of the university experience in the United States. Students are encouraged to attend the tests of the different teams for both the domestic leagues and the external leagues. Sports facilities are available to students on busy schedules and supervised by professional trainers.



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